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Valery Nguyen

GM, Learning Tribes – EMEA, Sitel Group

Sitel Group

“A happy employee makes a happy customer”

I’m a multi-cultural leader and entrepreneur, with an executive career that scaled from Sales and Finance to Managing Director positions.

Previously Managing Director of Dakota, an independent consulting company specialized in Sales Performance and Management efficiency, I am currently in charge of Learning Tribes in EMEA territories.

Learning Tribes is the EdTech company offering personalized professional trainings to medium-sized and large corporations in Europe, China and Americas. Our mission is to support your development through excellent understanding of your needs and best-in-class operational services.

Father of a family of 3, I am passionate with sports, especially Judo. Funny enough, Judo is well known for being a martial art using the power of uke (partner). I believe performance is precisely that: a complex combination of multiple factors that balance each other.

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